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Thor is featured in the Cartoon Network animated series The Super Hero Squad Show voiced by Dave Boat, reprising his role from Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2. Here, he is a narcissistic, but loyal member of the team who is in love with the Valkyrie. He has an intense sibling rivalry with his brother Loki, who claims "Odin always liked you better."


When Zeus, Hercules' father, learned that the humans did not respect him as much due to their Asgardian counterparts, he retaliated by sending Hercules to Earth to challenge Thor to prove the Olympian's strength. Thor, meanwhile was opening a new theme park for young children in Super Hero City. Hercules arrived and promptly send Thor flying away. Thor, unfazed by the attack, asked the children to leave as it could get messy. Odin and Zeus then appeared as a sort of "spirit" before the two. Odin decided rashly that Asgard will make war with Olympus while Zeus says that Olympus will make war with Asgard. Hercules and Thor manage to settle down their fathers and they compromise by settling their feud with set of challenges between Hercules and Thor.[citation needed]Loki revealed himself to be the mastermind behind the entire affair and was pleased that Zeus and Odin were wearing the caps that he had given them. With a click, Zeus and Odin were forced to obey Loki. Loki commanded the two to attack Hercules, Thor, and Reptil. Thor told Hercules and Reptil to hold off their fathers while he took on Loki. When the battle started to look grim, the Super Hero Squad arrived to assist them. Eventually, Loki was defeated and Zeus and Odin were quick to continue the challenges. Thor refused, stating and that it was a draw. The fathers accepted the outcome and everyone celebrated.