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The Three-Eyed Waitress is a grey-skinned alien girl who works at the bar Samurai Jack went into in Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.


She was first seen dancing in one of the bar's glass cages, and then later served refreshments to Jack and The Canine Archaeologists. She overheard Jack vowing to defeat Aku and agreeing to help the dogs. After they left the bar, the displeased waitress told her boss she's taking a break. Unbeknownst to most, she mainly serves as a spy for Aku, and went to his lair to inform him about Jack's arrival to the future.

The Waitress returns in Episode XXXIV: Jack and the Swamp Monster. She continues to serve Aku by informing Jack about The Hermit (Aku in disguise), leading him into an eventual trap.

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