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When a Frost Giant appeared in the museum where Spider-Man and his teammates went,Thor had arrived on the scene and easily took down the giant. As Thor reached for the Norn Stone, Spider-Man tried to warn him not to touch that but the god insists. As a result, he was turned into a frog. Thor knowingly suspected that it was Loki. Thor brought the Spider-Man and his team to Asgard to discover it is in covered with ice. They were brought to Loki, Thor watched them fight Loki as he was trapped, he teleported them to safety at the command of Spider-Man. Thor suggested to go to Eitri the dwarf king for help and apologized that he did not show gratitude for making Mjolnir after Spider-Man convinced him to be humble. Thor returned to the throne room with Spider-Man and his team and fought against Loki and the Ice Giants with new weapons. After Spider-Man talked Loki to transform Thor back, Thor easily took care of Loki.[1]


Throg is revealed to be a members of the Avengers in the Larval Universe home to Spider-Ham.[1]


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