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The Fourth Dimensional Being is an immortal and omniscient alien who appeared in the episode A Rickle in Time. He is an alien who works as an multidimensional police man, keeping the multiverse safe from all benders of space time. He confronted Rick, when he built a machine that split time into multiple different clones of itself.


The Fourth Dimensional Being is a red, vascular monster who appears to be made of internal flesh with a bunch of small little hairs on it. His only facial feature is a giant mouth with a bunch of crooked and disordered yellowish teeth. He wears a long tan robe that is very ripped and torn at the trim and ends of the sleeves.


Time Crystals are a material that is capable of interacting with the flow of time and bypassing split timelines. Rick uses the crystal to halt time in "Ricksy Business" and to (unsuccessfully) mend together time in "A Rickle in Time". In the same episode, he also attempts to modify a pistol to shoot across timelines to kill other versions of himself when he assumes they are out to kill him.

The crystals are apparently illegal to obtain, as stated by the Fourth Dimensional Being, and are punishable by a life sentence in Time Prison.


  • He is a parody in the Time Eaters from The Langoliers.
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