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Thou hath set the Time Trapper free. Speak thou name and desires... As the sands of time run, thou will shall be done.


Behind this protective barrier sits the Eternity Glass which, as legend has it,was used to bend Space and Time.

Thou has set the time trapper free. Speak thy name and desires. I am Lex Luthor, and I want you to take me back in time. A thousand years ago, to be exact. Time trapper: As the sands of time run thy will shall be done.

Time trapper: Lex Luthor, what thou has asked of me has been done.Now set me free. Sorry, time trapper, but you work for me now,on a more permanent basis.

Super Powers

It is done. The past has changed, and there is a paradox in time. Thou should no longer exist in this time frame. And I now have the power to banish thee away. Superman. But that is not all. Because there is no Superman in this timeline there would also be no Justice League. The Justice League is now erased by mine own hand.

The future has been changed by human hand. Thou no longer belongs in this timeline. It is now within my known power to banish thee to the ether of nonexistence. If you banish me, you'll go too. Not so. For I remain outside the paradox because it is within my power. Lex Luthor, thou art banished by mine own hand. Time trapper: As the sands of time run mine own will shall now be done I will remake this world in darkness.

But nothing shows up on this guy. It's like he has no ki or energy. It's all blackness. The time trapper, he's made of dark matter.

  • Chronokinesis


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the film JLA Adventures: Trapped in Timeand is an adaptation of Time Trapper. The original character was created by Robert Kanigher and first appeared in Adventure Comics #318.
  • Time Trapper was voiced by Corey Burton.