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Timmy Grimm (Japanese: キミマロ Kimimaro) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. He is a Pokémon Coordinator from Verdanturf Town. He first appeared in Disaster of Disguise.


Timmy was known as Phantom (Japanese: ファントム Phantom) because all of his Contest challenges were done in disguise. He dressed up as his Dusclops, and nobody knew his real name. This was due to the fact that his mother hated Pokémon, and forbade her son from battling with them. However, Timmy's father felt sorry for Timmy, so he would occasionally lie, which would allow Timmy to go out and participate in Contests.

When Mrs. Grimm found out Timmy's secret, she angrily drove off to the Contest Hall to confront him. But after seeing how close he was to his Pokémon, she began to encourage him to battle. As it turned out, Mrs. Grimm once loved Pokémon just as much as Timmy did. Her parents forbade her to use them, even taking away the Poochyena that she had adopted, so she stopped caring about them to avoid getting hurt again. Timmy was able to remind her of the good times she had with her Pokémon and make her see that it's okay to like them.

Timmy competed in the Verdanturf Town Contest and battled against May and her Skitty. Timmy fought a great battle, but in the end, May was the winner of the Contest.

Timmy also had a cameo in Deceit and Assist, watching May at the Hoenn Grand Festival. He appears to know Chaz as he was seen watching the Grand Festival with him.