Tin 4.png

Tin is the fourth robot created by Will Magnus. About the size of a child, Tin mainly served as house keeper and chaffeur. After looking at Silas Stone's emails, Batman went to Magnus' home to question him about Project Fair Play. Tin greeted Batman. Just as Batman asked Tin if Magnus was available, they overheard him and Karen Beecher arguing. Tin simply stated he was busy. While the scientists associated with Fair Play debated what to do next at Beecher's mansion, Tin wiped down Magnus car outside. As the Bat, Wonder, and Super droids slew the scientists, Tin jumped on the back of the Wonderdroid to save Tina. It formed a spike and impaled Tin into a wall. It was really a sham to get into the Tower of Justice. Tina was really another robot, Platinum, and threw Batman to the ground. Tin walked up behind Batman and formed a restraint around him. As Superman decked the Tower's shield outside, Tin lost balance and Batman was able to kick a pedastel and exposed its wires. Batman flipped Tin onto the wires and electrocuted it. Freed, Batman karate chopped Tin's head off and it landed down below at Will Magnus' feet.

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