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Topaz (translated as Ogyokua) is the leader of the Spirit Warriors. He is killed by Younger Toguro in the first round of the Dark Tournament, before fulfilling his ambitions to kill Yusuke Urameshi. He is named Baal in the English manga. He was voiced by Minoru Inaba in the Japanese version.


Like most of his team, Topaz is large and overweight, with dark skin and yellowish eyes; he wears a golden belt with spikes surrounding the circle, with brown pants and steel-gray armbands. He is also the most humanoid and largest member of his team. He has a drastically different appearance in the manga, he has much lighter skin, messy hair, and a demonic-looking mouth. He also wears more clothes.


He is serious and has a strong code of honor, killing his teammate, Rugby  for being dishonorable and wanting to kill Yusuke fairly, in the ring, should the chance arrive. This desire to kill the Spirit Detective becomes his motivation in the tournament, which is cut short by Younger Toguro when the latter kills him brutally.


Topaz wanted more than anything to kill Yusuke in front of all the other demons. He even went as far as killing his own teammate to ensure that his desire came to fruition. However, his team was unfortunate enough to have to face Team Toguro in the first round. Younger Toguro himself killed Topaz and the remaining members of the team solo using 45% of his full power.

Powers and Abilities

One-Handed Axe: Topaz is able to wield strong, double-bladed axes that can cut through strong spiritual-based attacks, and easily kill his teammate Rugby. However it is beyond outmatched when faced with Younger Toguro. In the anime, he also possesses an immense amount of Yoki to enhance his physical power.