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The Trans-Dimensional Monster is a creature that appeared in Paradox.


The Trans-Dimensional Monster came into existence when Paradox's time-traveling experiment went haywire during the 1950s, sucking everything into the time vortex. It appeared in the same location in the present, where it proceeded to go on a rampage and aged everything that it touched to dust. Ben and his team encountered it and tried to defeat it, to no avail. The team subsequently met Paradox, also intent on stopping the creature. Realizing the creature's connection with Paradox's experiment, they traveled back in time to prevent its coming to be in the first place. In the end, it was revealed to be Hugo, Paradox's old partner, who had also fallen victim to the machine. When Ben's Team traveled back in time and rescued Hugo, the monster ceased to exist.

Powers and Abilities

The Trans-Dimensional Monster was very dangerous, able to desolate earth by aging everything it touched. Despite the threat it posed, however, it retained Hugo's mind and was more confused than malevolent, attempting to find help, apparently without realizing how deadly it was.

The Trans-Dimensional Monster moved with great speed.


The Trans-Dimensional Monster can be slowed down if it comes into contact with something/someone it can't age, such as Professor Paradox, or something that takes a very long time to age into dust, like gumballs.


Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Paradox (first appearance)


  • It appears in FusionFall as a villain in Vilgax's Ship.
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