Tricia Lange is a classmate of Summer and Morty known for her large breasts, and a recurring character in Rick and Morty. She is friends with Jessica and went on a date with Ethan. She first appeared in the episode, "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy."


Ethan cancelled a camping trip with his girlfriend Summer Smith to instead spend the night with Tricia, a move that both Summer and her brother, Morty Smith, chose to attribute to her large breasts. This caused Summer to become insecure about her own breast size. When the Smith family interrupted their camping trip, Tricia was emotionally touched by seeing Beth comfort Summer, despite their larger size and inside-out appearance, and left to call her mother.

She is also friends with Jessica and talked with her about her breakup with Brad, expressing her desire for warm "penis-in-foreskin" love, which hints that she may have a foreskin fetish. She later exhibits similar interest in urination.


Tricia has long brown hair, a narrow nose and has notably large breasts which she is known for. She wears a low-cut white T-shirt, a burgundy skirt, white thigh high socks and a cross necklace.


Tricia only appears briefly in the episode, but seems sensitive, crying tears at seeing Beth comfort Summer despite their appearance and left Ethan to call her mother. She also seems to be religious, as she is seen with a cross necklace around her neck. She appears to be interested in urophilia (sexual arousal by being urinated on) as she mentions enjoying it at the end of "Rest and Ricklaxation".


Season 3 

  • "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy"
  • "Rest and Ricklaxation"


  • In "Rest and Ricklaxation", she mentions having a love for docking, which requires two penises in order to work, hinting that she may be trans.
    • Although she could've meant that she enjoys watching it, so this is unlikely.


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