Trinity (Japanese: タカミ Takami) is a character of the day in who appeared in The Perfect Match!, she was one of the competitors in the Whirl Cup Competition and Misty's rival in the tournament. Like Misty, Trinity is a Water-type expert. Impressed with Misty's performance, they personally met after Misty's win against Ash in the competition. Brock remembered her from her previous victory, mentioning that she fought perfectly. Trinity battled Misty in the third round against her Poliwhirl and Corsola and won after a tough battle. In the end of the battle Misty and Trinity met up again, and Misty congratulated her for the victory, wishing good luck to her rival and friend in her next battle, which ultimately lead her to the finals of the competition. Just before the match began between her and a powerful Trainer with his Feraligatr, she, Misty, Ash and the nameless Trainer united to defeat Team Rocket, who was trying to steal the Great Spirit Sapphire Sea from the hands of Maya. After that, her finals battle continued, but she eventually lost the battle. As a result, she was ranked second in the tournament. At the end of the episode, she appeared next to Ash, Misty and Brock talking about how they could improve their skills with Water Pokémon.

She reappeared in flashbacks in the next episode and in Espeon, Not Included, when Misty told Sakura about her experiences since her last meeting with her.
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