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Trish is a chemist at CIA Headquarters, working in the pharmocology department.

In "Stan Goes On the Pill", Avery Bullock orders up an Estrocillian pill for Stan who is having trouble paying attention to Francine when she talks. The pill enables the male CIA agents to listen to female agents, but they both tune out Trish's warning to only take half a pill and she makes a note to herself to make the pills smaller. The side effect of taking the whole pill is that Stan is turned into a woman. Bullock finds the new Stan attractive and withholds news of a cure from him. After finding himself unable to follow through on a lesbian sexual arrangement with Francine, Stan considers taking up Bullock's sexual advances. Francine finds out about Bullock's plans and where to find him from Trish and arrives just as Stan realizes that Bullock isn't listening to him just as he was doing to Francine and they reunite as Francine reveals that there is a cure for his condition. She gets Stan returned to normal and they resume their normal lives, with neither one able to remember Trish's name.

Trish appears at the CIA "evil Santa" gift exchange in "Gifted Me Liberty".

Trish is voiced by Allison Smith.