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The regal fancy talkin' kid is Triton. One of the mysterious, super-powered Inhumans. If you guessed he's not from around here, you're right, he's S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy's first foreign exchange student. Member of the Inhuman royal family.


  1. Director Nick Fury (Earth-12041)
  2. Maximus the Mad (Earth-TRN123)
  3. Mark Raxton(Molten Man)


Back in Attilan, I train in the combat arts, and am known as quite the warrior.

[Nova] Not like it's a big mystery, he's weird. He never makes eye contact. He never smiles. He talks funny. And his only friend lives in a bowl In his locker. Being weird doesn't make him a bad kid, though.

Does it? No, but what do we know about these Inhumans anyway? You know the mysterious super-powered part? Turns out they've been hiding from us regular people for like, centuries. Attilan. Throne city of the Inhumans.


  • It appears Triton doesn't need a Water Apparatus to survive in the surface, unlike his mainstream counterpart.


  1. Triskelion