Tuppence Terror is the twin sister of Tommy Terror, and together they make the villainous duo "The Terror Twins". They both speak with a very heavy Southern accent.

Powers and abilities 

  • Super strength:[4] This is one of Tuppence Terror's main abilities. This allows them to easily pick up or carry heavy objects. The Terrors Twins were able to battle Superman and the other powerhouses of the Justice League.[4]
    • Super leap: Their strength also allows them to jump over great distances and to great heights.[4]
  • Invulnerability: Both Terror Twins have great durability and are able to take punches from Superman and Superboy with very little physical damage to their bodies.[4]


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Production background 

  • Tommy and Tuppence Terror are named after the characters Tommy and Tuppence, a couple of married detectives created by Agatha Christie. The name is also a nod to Greg Weisman's friend Tuppence Macintyre, who had previously helped him research Scottish history for the television series Gargoyles.[9]Greg had previously created another character based on Tuppence Macintyre while writing Captain Atom: Plastique's lawyer, Tuppence Macrae.[10]
  • In Young Justice #0, Tuppence had short hair. In the comic, she was drawn by Mike Norton based on a rough design (concept art) by Phil Bourassa. For the show, director Jay Oliva wanted her to more resemble Gwen Stefani, partly to differentiate her from Shimmer, so she was redesigned by Phil Bourassa
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