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Ultron appears in the animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Tom Kane. In this incarnation, Ultron begins as an artificial intelligence experiment shared by Henry Pym and Tony Stark. When Pym learns that Stark intends to use the AI in weapons manufacture, Pym seizes control of the project and uses it to create Ultron Synthezoids for the Big House. In the episode "Come the Conqueror", Pym reprograms the Ultrons as soldiers. All but one of the Ultrons, Ultron-5, is destroyed in the battle with Kang the Conqueror. In subsequent episodes, beginning with "Ultron-5" and "The Ultron Imperative", Ultron decides that the only way to maintain peace on Earth is to destroy humanity. His numerous attempts to accomplish this bring him into conflict with the Avengers, and each defeat causes Ultron to upgrade himself to improve his chances to defeat them. Ultron develops an infatuation with the Wasp after he discovers that his programming prevents him from destroying her. In the episode "Behold...the Vision", Ultron ultimately creates the Vision and uses him to steal Vibranium to rebuild his body. In the episode "Ultron Unlimited," Vision betrays Ultron and joins the Avengers where he tells them to defeat Ultron by removing his head.

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