Having finished patrolling the streets of CoruscantAhsoka is heading to the Temple where Anakin and Yoda are waiting for her to start a ceremony. While hurrying to get to the temple, she hears someone in the crowd screaming for help, following the scream she sees a female Aleena and her child being attacked by a malfunctioning droid. She force pushes some crates to take down the droid but this method does not work. So, she ignites her lightsaber and as the droid is coming closer to her she spots water pipes running above the alley they are in and comes up with a plan. She sprints at the droid, slicing one of it's legs and then leaps and slices the water pipes above them. Water gushes out of the broken pipes causing the droid to deactivate. After checking if the mother and child are alright she remembers that she is late for the ceremony and hurriedly rushes to the temple. She arrives at the training grounds near to the Force-sensitive tree where Anakin and Yoda are waiting for her. While Anakin scolds her for being late, Master Yoda states that Ahsoka has been humble and brave, which he sees as a sign of maturity. As the ceremony begins, he tells her that she is on the right path to becoming a Jedi Knight, and gives her an extension to her padawan braid.

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