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The Universe Staff (formerly The Universe Tree) is a recurring character who debuted in the episode Staff Meeting.


In Staff Meeting, Robin goes through depression after the other Titans break his staff. Raven tells Robin where he could get a new, improved staff, and sends him to another dimension to find the Universe Tree Dimension.

As he travels, Robin takes a piece of wood and uses it to complete his journey. Once he finds the tree, he demands that it gives him a new staff. The Universe Tree tries to teach him a lesson, and tells him that he has already found one. Ungrateful and impatient, Robin chops down the tree, telling him that he came for a staff, so he is going to get a staff.

Once it is chopped down, Robin rips a small branch off of the nose of the Universe Tree, and decides that it is an adequate new staff. The Tree's face suddenly appears on the staff, and lectures Robin, telling him that he had been standing there since the beginning of time. Robin tells him that now he gets to travel the world and hit people in the face. Thinking this is a nice change of pace, the Staff happily agrees to go with Robin. The Tree Custodians arrive and attempt to punish Robin for cutting down the tree, but Robin and his new staff work together and defeat the Tree Custodians. When they return to Titans Tower, Robin shows off his new staff. Cyborg shows Robin that they were able to fix his old staff, and Robin instantly disregards the Universe Staff. Beast Boy puts the end of a plunger on the Universe Staff, and uses him as a toilet plunger.

In Little Buddies, the Universe Staff returns as one of theLittle Buddies. He attacks Pain Bot, screaming "STAFF MEETING!", like he did in the episode Staff Meeting. Sadly, he, just like the rest of the little buddies, is easily defeated by Pain Bot.

Episode Appearances

Season One

  • Staff Meeting (debut)
  • Little Buddies (cameo)

Season Two

  • Some of Their Parts (cameo)


  • Robin The First (cameo)


  • The Universe Staff is voiced by Khary Payton, the voice actor of Cyborg.
  • The Universe Staff used to be a universe tree until Robin cut it down and turned it in to a staff.
  • He was thought to be dead in the episode Little Buddies, where he supposedly was burned to death byPain Bot. However, it was revealed he was alive when he made a cameo is "Some of their Parts".
    • His 'death' is not canon to the series.
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