Happabore Hazard 047

Unkar Plutt, a member of the male Crolute species, resided on the remote, lawless world of Jakku approximately 30 years after the Battle of Endor. The Crolute was a junk boss who bought weapons, gears and scraps of Rebel and Imperial ships which had crashed during the Battle of Jakku. The ruthless Unkar used hired thugs to enforce his stranglehold on barter, sending them to punish any scavenger who dared dabble in unauthorized trades or negotiated too aggressively. The Blobfish—as scavengers called him behind his broad back—had collected all manner of weapons, gears, and ships over the years, including a battered Corellian freighter he kept under a tarp on the outskirts of Niima Outpost. From his Concession Stand in Niima Outpost, he ruled over the lives of the scavengers, buying and selling scrap and doling out survival rations.

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