Three years before Peter Parker became Spider-Man, NASA donated a substance they discovered to Horizon High for further study, and Max Modell named it V-252.[1]

When the students of Horizon High decided to use the substance as their science project for Stark Expo, Peter accidently bonded with it and it formed a new black and white costume that could provide a seemingly inexhaustible and stronger supply of webbing.[2] However, after realizing it was altering his thoughts and making him more agressive, he decided to take it off. At first, it seemed like they were attached to each other, but, eventually, Peter was able to take it off.[1] The V-252 was returned to Horizon High under Peter's warning of his sentience, but Max ignored him and still tried to use it as a project for Stark Expo. It was not until Spider-Man bonded with the symbiote again in front of Max, that he realized his potencial dangers. To closely study the substance, Tony Stark took it to the Avengers' lab.[3]

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