Wonder Woman Bloodlines 1265

Vanessa Kapatelis appears in the animated film Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, voiced by Marie Avgeropoulos. Initially a bright yet snarky young woman whom often had friction with her mother, the relation with whom soured due to jealousy towards Diana when she came to live within the Kapatelis household. These feelings reached a crescendo when her mother Julia was killed in a shootout resulting from a botched illicit trade which Vanessa was party too.[18] Hurt and begrieved, she blamed Diana, now going by the heroic moniker of Wonder Woman, for the death of her parental figure. Approached by the same assailants whom she sought to barter with, Dr. Poison and Doctor Cyber outfitted her with techno-organic augments which turned her into the murderous Silver Swan to get revenge. In the end Vanessa was cured from her condition, though her current fate afterwards is unknown. It's also possible that Wonder Woman eventually told her the truth about Julia's death after paying a visit to Cale.

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