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Real Identity: Victor Stone

Powers/Skills: Cybernetic Enhancement and Various Integrated Weapons

Voiced By: Michael B. Jordan 

Victor Stone was the son of two S.T.A.R. Labs scientists, Drs. Silas and Elinore Stone. When an experiment went wrong and Victor Stone was horribly mutilated. Dr. Stone saved his son's life with an experimental prostheses, replacing most of his body with metallic limbs and implants. Eventually, Stone accepted his new life and made several modifications. As Cyborg, he joined the Justice League. During Professor Zoom's latest plot to kill the Flash, Cyborg was tasked with disabling the bomb planted on Captain Boomerang.

In the Flashpoint timeline, Stone still became Cyborg. He battled the alien menace Starro and became a famous American hero. In order to help more people, Cyborg accepted an offer from the President of the United States to become a national security advisor. In order to stop the world war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Cyborg began gathering what heroes he could find and sent Lois Lane to New Themyscira to gather intelligence. But Cyborg needed Batman for his tactical prowess. Cyborg saved Yo-Yo from falling to her death and asked Batman to join but he refused. The alliance fell apart and the President relieved Cyborg of duty. Cyborg was surprised when Batman contacted him in regard to the team. Cyborg agreed to help find the alien who crash landed in Metropolis 30 years prior. Cyborg broke his rule about not hacking government systems and discovered the existence of Project Superman, a rogue division dedicated to studying the alien Kal-El.

Cyborg, Batman, and Flash infiltrated the facility and extracted Kal-El. Cyborg assured Kal-El they were friends and most humans were good. However, they were forced to fight the division's security force and Kal-El fled after he slaughtered several with his heat vision. Cyborg and Batman took Flash to the Shazam children's home and regrouped. Inspired by the Flash's hope, Cyborg contacted his allies for the assault on New Themyscira. Cyborg, Flash, and Batman attacked Aquaman but Flash and Batman were separated. Alone, Cyborg was no match. Aquaman threw his trident into Cyborg's cannon, beat him senseless and ripped him apart. Aquaman was about to stab him in the heart bu Kal-El arrived and shot his arm off. Kal-El blew Aquaman into a building and stayed by Cyborg's side as he passed on. Once the Flash changed history, Cyborg was restored to life.