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A member of the Justice League. He is a half-Man, half-Machine.


Here's what we're gonna do. Gun, dice, right yo-yo. Scat right "y" option on hard. Break! Admiral, admiral, Check brown ox. Red 98. Hut, hut!

Superstar Q.B. Victory Stone Brings in the win single-Handedly. You threw that last touchdown pass, Like, 43 yards. Doesn't matter if there's not someone On the other end to make the catch. Must be nice to trust someone else that much.

Armor Abilities

Your mind is now a quantum computer, son. There's buzzing in my ears.

Unassimilated data detected. Commencing Parademon indoctrination. Download initiated. Translating. Command...Locate inhabitable worlds. Command...Harvest organic material. Command...Process organic material. Command...Repurpose organic material. Command...for Darkseid. Download complete.

Darkseid is transferring data to those metal cubes. They call them mother boxes. They're creating portals, boom tubes. I just have to speak their language. Connecting to network. Unable to connect. Got to get some altitude. Connection established.

Activate quadrant pixel enhancement.


When Cyborg tries to access the Motherbox to close the Boom Tubes, it blows up in his hand. Yet in the very next scene it is back in his hand completely intact.