Doctor Doom appears in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, voiced by Paul Dobson. In this version, it is implied that he is indeed smarter than Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) he wears a large green coat, a green & silver armor with a glowing green light on the chest and sharp claws. In the pilot "Doctor Doomsday", he is revealed to have diplomatic immunity as a head of state which means the American police cannot place him under arrest. He retains an embassy that serves as his residence. Doctor Doom's more sociopathic and Machiavellian tendencies are displayed. Such as launching the Baxter Building into orbit (with little regard for the remaining tenants inside). In the episode "Doctor Doomsday", he fabricated records of Reed deliberately exposing his teammates to cosmic rays to alienate and capture him; subsequently using Reed's own invention to harness the energy from the Negative Zone and the creatures that reside and unleash them upon New York which he acknowledged would have killed thousands (or potentially millions). In one episode where in one of his experiments his mind gets put into Reed's body and vice versa, he attempts to destroy Reed's reputation and overload the Baxter Building's power supply destroying it and several city blocks beyond it. In the episode, more is revealed about Doctor Doom's life and ruling attitude. Doctor Doom (with Richards's mind) is now considerably more polite and respectful of others. Reed also commands the Doombots to destroy themselves as 'word of Doctor Doom is law' and releases the face mask. Though the viewer is not shown Doctor Doom's face, when they're return to their proper bodies, Richards tells Doctor Doom that his insecurity, in particular about his personal appearance, is his greatest adversary. In another episode, an alternative timeline version of Doctor Doom is shown without his mask. In a latter episode, Doctor Doom uses a variation of Iron Man's armor. In the final episode "Doctor Doom 's Word Is Law", Doctor Doom is apparently killed when a self-destructing Doombot blows up his castle. Here, Doctor Doom's Doombots are not robot doubles but his foot soldiers. As a result of fighting the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom has equipped them with weapons suited to each member (i.e. an ice cannon for the Human Torch, etc.). Doctor Doom's partially damaged face was only seen once in the episode "Annihilation".

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