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The Dark-Masked King (暗黒仮面王 Ankoku kamen-ō) is a mysterious Saiyan character who appears in Dragon Ball Heroes and is part of the Dark Empire Forces.



When he fights Turles (Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball merged) he is able to quickly send him flying backwards.


He fights Turles who had merged with the Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball and defeats him easily before facing Xeno Vegeta. Later on he fights Super Saiyan 4 Broly with the Seven-Dark Dragon Ball merged in what appears to be an evenly contested battle.


  • Dark King's Flash (ダークキングズフラッシュ Dāku Kinguzu Furasshu) - The Dark-Masked King's special attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. It is a dark energy wave that appears similar to Vegeta's Final Flash.


  • Dark-Masked King vs. Turles (Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball)


  • It is rumored by fans that he is a masked King Vegeta, as he has a similar voice and personality, but this has yet to be confirmed. Additionally, the Dark-Masked King wears a similar mask to the one Vegeta wears in his Time Breaker form. Interestingly, the mask he wears has a section of ornamentation on the chin where King Vegeta's beard would be and his Dark King's Flash is similar to Vegeta's Final Flash. He also has a tail which is from that of Saiyans in several of his cards and some pieces of promotional images, which may further support this rumor. Furthermore after part of his mask was broken, it's been shown that he have brown eyebrows which match up with King Vegeta's eyebrow colour.
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