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Xingo is a cartoon character that appeared in Xingo.


Xingo resembles a humanoid fox with blue fur. He wears a red shirt that covers his chest and arms. He wears white gloves.


Xingo is a very energetic character. He has a very crude sense of humor. He loves to prank people. He also cannot differentiate between the cartoon world and the real world which can cause serious injury even death to other people of the real world.

Powers and Abilities

Xingo has omnipotence. He used this to evade Ben, who wished to capture him and return him to where he belongs.


Xingo can be defeated by another individual with "Xingo powers", which is pretty much omnipotence.


Xingo is the title character of The Xingo Show, a cartoon that Ben liked watching. In Xingo, he was accidentally brought to life and freed by Ben who used Upgrade to watch the Rustbucket's television during a thunder storm getting an upgrade to reality in the real world. He proceeded to cause havoc in the Grand Canyon, but he was eventually stopped by Ben, who realized that Xingo gave the Omnitrix "Xingo powers". He returned to his world, and he has yet to be seen again.


Ben 10

  • Xingo (first appearance)