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Yo-Yo is a henchman of the Joker in the Flashpoint timeline. In search of intelligence on the location of the Joker's funhouse and the kidnapped Judge Dent, Batman pursued Yo-Yo through Crime Alley. He attempted to shoot her but Yo-yo disabled him with her yo-yos and proceeded to strangle him. Batman retaliated and based her against some girders. When Yo-Yo refused to cooperate, Batman began carving her visor with a Batarang. She mused Dent was probably dead already. Batman tossed her over the side of the building but she was saved by Cyborg. Yo-Yo quickly surrendered to him.


  • Adaptational Badass: Yo-Yo—in the original comic, she is just shown running away from Batman and panicking. Here, she not only gets a very elaborately choreographed fight scene (where she matches Batman move-for-move), but when she loses she keeps her composure for a lot longer despite Batman's threats.