Yondu will appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy TV series, voiced by James Arnold Taylor.[12][13] Yondu is the one behind Peter Quill's alien abduction and raised him as part of the Ravagers.


Seriously? The password is "password"? Oh, this place has the worst security ever.

Yorligian Guards, heavily armed. Somebody doesn't want the neighbors popping by. Okay, listen up. On my signal, we fan out for our pre-assigned targets.

Oh, really? So, you have that security key I need? Clearing a path for Groot right now.Arms dealer? You told me he was a freedom fighter.

Once a Ravager, always a Ravager. You dragged us here to spring your former pirate boss/alien abductor? Hey, we were partners. And what was I supposed to do, tell the truth? (GROWLS) Deceivin' your friends just to save your mentor. I'm so proud. Yeah, about that. I'm actually turning you in for the bounty. Oh, I taught you so well.


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