Zane (Japanese: ヒビキ Hibiki) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime who appeared in Beauty and the Breeder. Zane is a childhood friend of Suzie's since nursery school. They shared dreams of becoming famous Pokémon Breeders. Like Suzie, his first Pokémon was a Vulpix who he later evolved into a Ninetales. Unlike his close friend, Zane believed that a Pokémon's true beauty came from its physical appearance, and not from its inner character like Suzie did. Eager to prove his point, he entered the Pokémon Beauty Contest, pitting his Ninetales against Suzie and her Vulpix. During the competition, he realized that Suzie and Brock's views on Pokémon Breeding were just as valid as his, and asked Suzie if he wanted to start a Pokémon beauty salon with him. After consulting with Brock, Suzie eventually accepted his offer. Though he only appeared in one episode, Zane is notable for finally ending Brock's infatuation with Suzie. Though the two fought over Suzie's affection, Brock realized that Zane was a better match for her than he was and eventually decided to support their relationship. Zane too grew to like Brock, recognizing him as a top class Pokémon Breeder.


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