Zoonama (ズーナマ, Zūnama) is a giant monster in Dragon Ball GT, living in an underground cave near a volcano on planet Gelbo.


  • His name comes from the Japanese Namazu, which means "catfish".
  • Zoonama's story is very similar to that of Oolong in Dragon Ball, as both terrorized villages and demanded the daughters of the townspeople.
  • Zoonama's threat of causing earthquakes is based on a real Japanese myth about a large catfish living under a lake that would try to free itself and cause massive earthquakes in the process.
  • The second part of Zoonama's story is based on another Japanese myth, the one about Yamata-no-Orochi: the eight-headed monster snake Yamata-no-Orochi ate 7 of the eight daughters of an old couple. The last one, Kushinada, was to be the next sacrifice. The god Susanoo made Orochi drink Sake that was strong enough to make the snake drunk and then slayed Orochi.
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