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Zōsui (ゾウスイ, Zōsui) is a high-ranking shinobi from Kusagakure.


When two remnants of the Uzumaki Clan came to Kusagakure, after it was agreed to let them stay provided that the mother use her powers of healing on the sick and injured of the village, Zōsui was assigned to watch over the mother and daughter. When war broke out and the mother over-taxed herself by healing too many people at once, Zōsui quickly had the daughter take over.


Zōsui was shown to be a very cold and indifferent man, caring only about the prosperity and success of his village. To which, he had no qualms about using others to their fullest. He saw Karin and her mother only as tools to heal the sick and injured ninja of his village, showing no compassion to the young and grieving Karin when her mother died, simply forcing her to immediately carry on her mother's duties of healing.[1]


Zosui had fair skin, black hair that was combed back and reached a shoulder length, grey pupiless eyes, wearing the Kusagakure forehead protector on his forehead, dark brown-grey kimono like shirt with cream outlines, black pants, a white robe tied around his waist, black socks, and black sandals.


  • "Zōsui", written as "雑炊", is a reference to "zōsui".
  • Apart from being deceased in Karin's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, his status outside the genjutsu is unknown.
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